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jippy 2 years ago
mmm like such pain pleasure mix
Linda 2 years ago
As an American woman who grew up with cut boyfriends, looking at a gorgeous uncircumcised man is such a turn on! I’ve only had two intact lovers and they were the best lovers I’ve ever had.... Foreskin makes lovemaking so much better - would have enjoyed to see him penetrate her pussy...
hu? 2 years ago
this dude sounds like a girl no cap. and stop smackin' his dick ya weirdo
Thomas 2 years ago
I love when my wife lays me out on the dinning room table and treats me ruff like that. Always gets me off.
jippy 1 year ago
like pain and pleasure mix
Slappy 2 years ago
Slap it . Wow !
wtf 2 years ago
this guy sound weird lmfao im dying rn
2 years ago
Not even the fly on the wall wanted to watch that (2:26)
UncutStrut 2 years ago
I really enjoyed his moaning as you slid his wet cock skin up and down his throbbing good! :)
The Guy 2 years ago
I’m next